For those of you kind enough to keep score…

This is a quick follow-up to last week’s running post.  Keeping things brief, some of you have been kind enough to ask how Sunday’s race went.  Well, as I wrote one friend, like so much in life, it was a mixed bag:

The Good- Finished the race injury free!  WOO-HOO!!!

The Feeble- My time was 27:43 for a 3.1 mile course.

The Bright Side- While still a snail’s sprint at least my 9:14 pace was faster than my Viking Opener two-mile pace of 9:22 per mile six weeks ago… so that’s something.

The Surprise- Apparently, Pleasanton runners are also slow (no offense, guys).  I placed 17th for women (of 122) and 63rd over all (of 228)… go figure.

The Lesson- Don’t start near the back of the group, you’ll spend the whole first mile trying to get around all the goofballs.

I’m signing up for another race in December so my dream of achieving tortoisedom still lives.  I’ll keep you posted.

Next post will be a “real” one- cross my heart!

P.S.  For those of you who think I would not like your be-boppy, poppy tunes for my iPod, not so, say I.   My music collection is very eclectic with everything from metal to country to rap to pop to reggae so I would love to hear your suggestions.


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