Clearly, I am on a “Power of One” kick.  I guess in an era where basic female health care is under fire, people are seriously considering Rick “I’m Policing Lady Parts” Santorum or Newt “What Religion (and Wife) Am I This Year” Gingrich for the highest office in the Free World and the Girl Scouts are being accused of a lesbian plot to spread abortion throughout the land I need something to cling to.  Yeah, I know, none of it makes sense to me either.  Anyhow, it does feel nice to see one person make some douche-bags sit up and eat crow.

Once upon a time there was a perfectly nice guy named Dave Carroll and his band mates on a United flight to their next gig.  Travel working in the dysfunctional way that it does in this place and time, the guys had checked their most precious possessions, their instruments.  Yep, the tools they need to do their jobs were in the capable hands of United’s finest.  If you detect a note of sarcasm there, gold star for you.

Imagine their dismay, and borderline panic, as they are sitting on the plane waiting for take-off, when a lady behind them says, “Hey look, they’re throwing guitars!”  I know, cue dramatic music, we’ve seen made for t.v. movies, we know tragedy is imminent.  Dave and company naturally made their concerns known to the flight crew who, in true 90’s SNL fashion said, “Yep, sure, okay and BUH-BYE.”

Dave picked up his checked, custom-made Taylor guitar and to no one’s surprise, found the neck had been snapped. (I know, it’s like the death of a friend, the poor guy.  Oh, and that’s not sarcasm.)  Finding his treasured instrument thus damaged, Dave did what any normal person would do, he filed a claim with United for the value of the guitar ($3500).  Dave subsequently wasted the next nine months trying to get United to make this right.  You think your cell phone company gives you the runaround? That’s nothing.  Dave never saw a dime and those are months he’ll never get back.

At last, in his final exchange with the United Customer Relations Manager Dave warned her, he was left with no choice but to create a music video detailing their complete lack of cooperation.  Her response was, “Good luck with that one, pal.”  (He mentions her by name in the video- they have a special bond.)

The power of the Internet…

So, he posted his video on YouTube.  I feel I should mention that as far as retaliatory little diddies go, the song’s not bad.  The video has since received over 11 million hits.  Can you say, “So viral, United”?  United Airlines contacted the musician and attempted a settlement in exchange for pulling the video. (Cry babies.) Naturally, his response was, “Good luck with that one, pal.”

Taylor Guitars sent Dave Carroll two new custom guitars in appreciation for the product recognition from the video that has led to a sharp increase in orders.

Dave has his music career and some lovely speaking engagements around the country.  Here’s his video, quite delightful, and, oh yeah, United can suck it.

Score one for the rest of us.  Thanks, Dave.