I was planning this week’s musical post to be on Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know OR Yes’s We Can Fly From Here Part I.  I was having a hard time making up my mind.  Then I saw a parody of Gotye and I was sold.  I get to give your Monday a giggle and still spotlight the song.  It’s a win-win, well, for you and me, at least.

So, as you can tell, this Monday I wanted to post the Belgian singer Gotye’s hit Somebody That I Used to Know.  It’s an off-beat song and it sticks with you.  I think Gotye should send a nice fruit basket to Sting since he’s borrowing a little of that icon’s mojo.  Once you listen to it, can’t you just imagine Gotye singing Fortress Around Your Heart?  Also, while he’s handing out thank-you’s, maybe another one, this time to Peter Gabriel.  That video with the make up and body painting is very Gabriel.

Wait, I am making it sound like I don’t like the song.  I really do or I wouldn’t be wasting either of our precious time on it.  I just couldn’t noticing a couple of things, that’s all.

The performance features a young singer from New Zealand named Kimbra.  The second half of the song contains a duet between Kimbra and Gotye which is my favorite part of the piece.  I always dig any time when a male and female voice duel or become intertwined in the music.  Something about the whole becoming greater than the sum of its parts.  It’s why I enjoy Queensryche’s Suite Sister Mary and the Evanescence hit Bring Me To Life.  The two voices together achieve a musicality that is better and more compelling than what either voice could do on its own.  Take a listen, you’ll see what I mean.

It’s a good song, right?  You might even still be humming it.  Okay, so NOW, listen to the parody and see what you come away with.

Tee-hee, I know, I giggled, too.  It’s even more entertaining because the actual song takes itself a bit too seriously.  Although, that being said, I’m still downloading it from iTunes.  I dig it.

Oh, and the comments over this on YouTube are HYSTERICAL.  Speaking of taking things too seriously, lighten up, people.  Some fans really have their gym shorts in a huge twist over the parody.  Honestly, don’t these twits have anything better to get up in arms about?

Incidentally, Somebody that I Used to Know is on the iTunes charts at #8 as of this posting.  Kinda makes you wonder if maybe we should get a band together and record a cover of Mary Had a Little Lamb, doesn’t it?

And for our next hit...