Just returned from vacation with the hot husband and the kids… behind on everything now, but that’s how the cookie crumbles.  Emails to answer, blog stuff to catch up on, writing to do and oh yes, cruise pounds to lose.  So, if you are waiting on me, rest assured, I’ll get there, promise.

In true grade school form…

What I Learned Over Spring Break 2012

Texas is a land of strip malls, churches and porn stores… oh, yes, and wires, lots and lots of wires.  It’s a huge place, so I’m sure there are plenty of gorgeous places, too, I just haven’t seen them yet. (I can’t wait for the “Don’t Mess With Texas” comments.)

Just a lot of wires... a lotta, lotta, lotta wires.

It takes approximately twelve minutes for the caffeine and sugar in a coke to hit the blood sugar of a twelve-year-old boy.

Dolphins are, like, awesome at surfing the wake of cargo ships.  Like, so awesome.

There are very real reasons why there exists a stereotype of an American as a loud, rude, fat jerk.  Like every stereotype it’s wrong, unkind and not true, yet there is a reason it exists.

The Hunger Games Book #1 is worth the hype, so few things are.

Little sisters are still tattletales.

My busy, busy girls... their poor brother!

All I really need for a great vacation are: a cold beer with fresh lime, the whisper of the waves, the laughter of my children catching the wind, soft sand under my toes and, of course, Eric.

“All You Can Eat” is a terrible thing to do to a body.

It just takes ONE Lay’s potato chip to create an angel fish feeding frenzy.

One potato chip=lots of FUN!

Caribbean white sand is magic.  You’ll never get it all out of your swimming suit. Ever.

For word on the anger level of the Texans, how the other two Hunger Games books stack up and whether I ever get all the sand out… well, I’ll let you know.  In the meantime, have a truly wonderful, stellar and otherwise blissful day.