Surprisingly, as I write these Monday posts, I have had yet to include anything by my personal muse, Ronnie James Dio.  Time to rectify that oversight right now. 

Many are familiar with Dio’s snarling, soaring vocal style on the his harder and better known metals hits with Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio and Heaven & Hell. (What, you have a musical career which spans fifty plus years, you’ll have a list, too.)  However, the man could really sing anything, including lovely slow, smooth pieces as well.  So, I’ve chosen such a song here.  Sitting in a Dream is one of three songs he did as a guest singer on a solo album by Roger Glover.  Glover is best known as the bass player for Deep Purple.  This performance is from a concert Deep Purple did in 1999 at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

The album came out in 1974 and was a concept rock opera entitled, The Grasshopper’s Feast and The Butterfly Ball.  Kids of my generation grew up seeing clips from the accompanying animated film on The Electric Company.  The song Love is All (also featuring Dio) still pops up on Nickelodeon Saturday morning shows and was a minor hit for Dio and Glover.

No politics or Op-Ed piece in this Monday’s Music.  Right now, I would simply like to remember the man and his effortlessly powerful voice.  This Wednesday marks the second anniversary of Ronnie James Dio’s death from stomach cancer.  Here’s a little slice of what was lost.

I’m just passing time before the Ball
Playing my guitar
I don’t have to be where I don’t want to be at all
Maybe I’ll go far
Going nowhere, sitting in a dream…
Ah, in a dream
Sitting in a landscape full of sighs
Dream away the day
Making up a tune about the blueness of the skies
This is where I’ll stay
Going nowhere, sitting in a dream…
Oh, in a dream
Watching as a red and white balloon
Sails across my mind
In between the images that drift along my tune
Smile as they unwind
Going nowhere, sitting in a dream…
Ah, in a dream

"Sitting in a Dream"

Originally recorded in 1974, this version was performed Sept 25th, 1999. A subsequent Deep Purple live album was released on Feb 8th, 2000 and included this performance.