It’s been three long years. Years without concerts where Ronnie’s voice belted out, shaking the beams of the building and moving our souls. This is the post I wrote two years ago, on the first anniversary of his passing- marking our collective loss. If you have not stepped into the fantastical story-telling world that is Dio’s music and you have a pulse, you are missing the best of the best.

Ronnie- we miss you still, but we dream and that’s when we fly. Thank you for lighting up the skyline of my imaginary world… “Sing me a song, you’re a singer.”

Let the memories live and the tunes play… Erika

Erika Gardner

Today is Monday, May 16th, 2011. It is a day that is many things to many people. For some first and foremost it is a Monday. (A wash of groans comes over the populace. After all, who needs Mondays?) For some it is simply a workday or a school day. Perhaps today is a happy day like a birthday or a wedding anniversary. Well, upon reflection, depending on your viewpoint a birthday or anniversary might not be a happy day. Amazing what point of view can do, isn’t it?

For me today is a bittersweet day. One year ago Ronnie James Dio lost his battle with stomach cancer. The skyline of heroes in my life became emptier. In my vista of dreams something precious was lost forever.

My darling husband will at this point roll his eyes. Dio again? Why Dio? One of my dearest friends these past thirty…

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