Now, given the challenge I’ve faced trying to be consistent with my Musical Monday blogs, I would have to be a great fool to try to start another weekly featured post.  I am not a great fool (mostly) so I will merely commit to the occasional Wine on Wednesday post.  Sometimes it will happen and, then again, perhaps we’ll go months without one.  How’s that for commitment?

It has frequently been suggested that I write more on wine, especially in light of the fact that we drink so much of it in my house.

It is hard to argue with that kind of logic.

Let me preface by saying, I am not a sommelier.  I have no training or special expertise.  I know what I like and I pay attention when people talk to me about wine or when I read up on the subject.

In May I had the opportunity to do a little wine tasting at our local wine shop, The Wine Steward, for my good friend Michelle’s bachelorette party.  It was delightful, made all the more pleasurable because the temperature shot to 100 that day, but we were inside with air-conditioning.  The fruits, cheeses and cold cuts that paired with our flights didn’t hurt either.

Wine-tasting: so much nicer than a stripper.

Wine-tasting: so much nicer than a stripper.

While I enjoyed the whole experience from top to bottom, there was one wine that stood out like a neon sign in terms of taste and value.  It was the 2010 Chateau Sainte Marthe from Languedoc in the south of France.

Now, living in California as I do, there are so many fabulous local wine makers to support that it’s a rare day when you’ll catch me drinking something imported.  This was lovely.  It’s a medium-bodied red wine which pairs well with a variety of foods.   I call this food friendly with a nice acidic quality.  Lush and fruity , there’s a touch of black pepper to it as well. Incidentally, it’s the kind of wine that is perfect to bring to a party or dinner- it’s an accessible wine for a wide range of palates.

2010 Chateau Sainte Marthe

2010 Chateau Sainte Marthe

The Languedoc is a blend:  60% Syrah, 35% Grenache and 5% Mourvedre.  As with all wines containing Mourvedre the wine’s nose has that rich earthy note that makes one want to simply dive into one’s glass.  Delish! The Wine Steward is selling it for just $11 per bottle- totally affordable!

To purchase all this  extreme yumminess for yourself you can call The Wine Steward at 925-600-9463 or try their website- click here.

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