I’ll say it again… there’s no shame in pink.

The 1990’s and crimes committed against white zinfindel and its fans have a great deal to answer for.  For starters, I now frequently meet people who believe that all rosé wines are white zin.  This is not true. The pink color of some wines is achieved when the juice from red grapes (which is clear) is allowed to ferment for a time against the skins of these grapes.  These wines can be sparkling or still.  There can be any number of blends and varietals: white cabernet, white grenache, white syrah and, of course, the aforementioned and much abused: white zinfindel.  In the United States we call them rosés, in Spain and Portugal they are rosados and in Italy they are rosatos.

The time the white juice is allowed contact against the red skins (typically only a few days) changes the taste and structure of the wine, adding flavor and tannins which add complexity.  The longer the juice is with the skins, the deeper the pink hue to the wine.

I can remember when I truly enjoyed a nice white zin, until some corporate dunderbluss decided to make it accessible to the masses- read “water them down to a bland, sicky sweet punch-like substance.”  As an aside, something very similar occurred with merlot in the early 2000’s– gag me with a decanter.

Where was I?

Oh yes, yummy rosé goodness!  This week on Get Your Wine on Wednesday I’d like to introduce the Wild Coyote White Syrah- perfect to chill on a summer evening.  C’est delish!

If you are ever in Paso Robles- be sure to stop by this very different and fun winery- the House of Reds as they like to refer to themselves.  (Fair warning- you need to like big, high-octane California style fruit bombs to enjoy these babies.)  Accordingly their white syrah is nicknamed, “El Gringo.”  Don’t let the name deter you- it’s zippy: flavorful, fruity and the perfect wine with spicy food.

You can purchase this and other Wild Coyote offerings (they make a mean mouvedre) on their website.


If you are lucky enough to be able to make it down to Paso Robles and go to the winery: enjoy the Tipi, check out their B & B and for the love of God, ask for Sean- he rocks.  With him as your guide you’ll have a ball.

Sadly, I only bought two bottles.  My friend, Monica, and I drank the first during one of our Doctor Who DVR nights and then Eric and I served the second at a barbecue with great friends, new and old, this past weekend.  Here are Michelle and Monica, featured in their second “Wine on Wednesday” post… well, they are two of my most fabulous pals.

Enjoy your wine!


M & M- aren't they lovely?!?!

M & M- aren’t they lovely?!?!