Yep, it’s me, playing fast and loose with the days of the week.  What can I say? I’m a rebel.

A rebel who’s had a horrible cold these past eleven days.  Today is the first day in five that I have put on jeans and boots and faced the world.  Hi, World!

Just prior to be struck down with this debilitating (and yucky) illness I went on a wonderful weekend with other moms hiking in Yosemite National Park.  It was my first time hiking there- beyond gorgeous.  Most of my adventures in the Sierras have taken place further north: Lassen, Caribou Wilderness, that neck of the woods, or farther south, Kings’ Canyon.  Whatever you have heard regarding the beauty of Yosemite, however lofty the language, far-flung the hyperbole, or extravagant the descriptions, believe it.  It’s all true.  No one exaggerated, not even a little bit.

Where was I?

Right, Yosemite trip.  It’s about three and a half hours from my house to the park.  There were eight of us in two cars.  Naturally, with that size a group of women, a bathroom break was indicated.  We had two choices: Jack-in-the-Box OR Cru Winery in Madera, California.

Let’s be fair– when you get down to it, we had one option.

We stopped at Cru.  This leads me to this week’s yummy wine-fest.  Cru’s Pinot Grigio on their Mariposa label.

Cru's Mariposa Pinot Grigio

Cru’s Mariposa Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio (also referred to as Pinot Gris in France) is a grayish-blue grape.  It is thought to be a strain derived from the varietal Pinot Noir.  The name “Pinot” means “pine cone” as the small clusters of fruit are produced in pine cone shaped bunches.

Whites, my friends, are not my usual stock in trade, but I was pleasantly surprised when I sampled this wine.  Brightly acidic, not too sweet, with citrus and apple notes, I can see this wine going with a wide spectrum of lovely foods. Thai, in particular, is leaping to mind.  Hmm, is it lunch time yet?

At $18 a bottle it’s a bit higher priced than my standard daily drink of choice, but well worth it.  You can purchase wines on Cru’s website:

Wines are also available at local inns and restaurants. (For instance, we stayed at the Tenaya Lodge- lovely spot- and their restaurant carried Cru’s wines.)  Cru’s website lists a number of local vendors who carry their wine, should you be in the Central Valley any time soon.

You know your weekend is off to a wonderful start when a bathroom break becomes a wine-tasting adventure.  Thank you, my hot Yosemite Mamas!  Enjoy your Pinot Grigio!

My friend Laura and I.  It's going to be a GOOD day!

My friend Laura and I. It’s going to be a GOOD day!