This week’s blog is going to be vague.  Sorry, I need to rant, but I can’t give details.  Thanks in advance for your patience.

Gazing around the world, I am struck by the effect that a strong personality can exert over their corner of creation- both for good or ill.  We may be talking about a simple social circle, a school, a town, or, in the case of our national government and our divided Congress, a country.

There are individuals who light up a room with joy- their energy lifting people up, or conversely, darken the mood around them- electrifying everything they touch with anger.  Some people upon seeing that the ship they are sailing is sinking would rather argue over whose fault the circumstances are, rather than working together to right the vessel.

It is deeply frustrating.

I’m watching a scenario play out.  There was a conflict, one side lost.  Rather than dealing with this setback and moving forward to new challenges, the losers continue to worry at the topic, like a dog with a bone.  They are forcing so much time, energy, and money to be wasted on their angst.  It is driving me crazy. Discord is so much more pervasive than harmony.  Destruction is so obtainable for even a small group, while constructive problem-solving is so pain-painstakingly slow.

I don’t want to hear about your bad blood any more.  I have better things to do than be sucked into your pity parade of negativity.  Through your venom you are proving your detractors right.  I am looking at a political group whom I have always supported in the past and now I am wondering, do they have any place in modernity?  What do they bring to the table?  Petty demands? Vindictive and useless agendas?

I’m in my mid-forties and to be honest, it is not often that I find myself questioning my politics.  It’s probably good for me, but profoundly uncomfortable.  Still, that is what this group’s negativity has accomplished.  I am so turned off and disgusted by their behavior that I am  reevaluating my entire stance on all their ilk.

No more bad blood.  Let it go.

This week’s song is Bad Blood by Bastille:





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