This was to be another piece.

One on teachers.

Then, later, one, on the importance of immunization.

Then, a note on tolerance.

In the end, it boiled down to one simple fact.  A good man died today. And I do not mean Casey Kasem.

A world leader?  No.  A millionaire magnate? No.  Yet, he was a man who loved well and stood by his friends.  You could count on him.  Will he be on the news?  No.  Will he be remembered? Yes.

What else can any of us ask for?

Casey Morton died today.  He was good.  He was loving.  He was 46.

A friend of of mine wrote me because she was concerned for a mutual friend, Holly, who was very close to Casey.  She asked if we (myself and another high school friend, Amy) remembered Casey?  I mean, he was a year ahead of us.

Are you kidding?  How could you forget Casey?  Joyous, full of life, and full of love?  Of course, of course, I remember Casey.  I knew him in drama.  He ran lines with me.  He made me believe that I COULD in fact survive, even thrive, on stage.  And Amy?  Her first job was at the Bennett Valley Baskin Robbins (which is still there) and Casey helped train her in all her dairy glory.

And the tears flow.

Casey was an epileptic and had a seizure during which he took a bad fall.  That’s all it took to snuff the light of a vibrant, affectionate, beautiful man.

Casey Morton died today.  He was good.  He was loving.  And, I hope, he will be remembered.

My deepest, most heartfelt sympathies for his family and loved ones.  He was amazing- you are blessed.

For all those we’ve lost, here’s your Musical (Almost) Monday… We’ll Burn The Sky by the immortal Scorpions.

Casey, my friend, I hope there is a love waiting to join you, beyond these mortal realms, flying the sky, burning the horizon.

Those we lose are no longer with us, but that does not mean, it never, ever means, that we forget.


Casey Morton, Montgomery High, Class of 1986

Casey Morton, Montgomery High, Class of 1986


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