Last week, my honey brought me a Conundrum. Mind you, he didn’t mean to. But, you see, I wasn’t answering the phone. Why? I went to the pool for a Mai-tai and left my phone in our room. (Now before you think that I lead some elitist, out-of-touch-from-reality, fancy-schmancy lifestyle, you should know– Thanksgiving, Maui, one shot deal. Uber fun though.)

My sweetie promised me a bottle of wine. We were short because the bell-hop broke the extra bottle we bought at Costco. (See? Not uppity, Costco.)  When I wasn’t answering the phone… no matter HOW MANY times he called (the answer is eleven), he was faced with… a conundrum. Being a humorous, roll with the punches kind of hunky man, he proceeded to buy me… a 2012 red Conundrum.

Using a cliche literary technique, (What? I couldn’t resist. I am weak.) here is the definition of the word:

noun: conundrum; plural noun: conundrums
      1. a confusing and difficult problem or question
      2. a question asked for amusement

Conundrum is made by the Wagner Family- you may know them better for their better known label, Caymus. Back in 1989 they introduced their white Conundrum. I haven’t tried that one yet, but I need to. It sounds super tasty: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Muscat Canelli, Semillon, and Viognier. Their website goes so far as to call it “exotic.” Ooh, exotic? Sign me up!

Flash forward twenty years to 2009 and the Wagners introduce another Conundrum- this one of the red persuasion. Now, those sly things at the winery are playing coy and won’t say what is in their red blend (reminding me of my recent “Mystery Meat” wine blog). I like guessing games, but it’s easier to keep score when you can check your answers after the fact. I am not a fan of the word “proprietary,” but such is life.

Apparently they are sourcing their grapes from several California wine-making regions: Napa, Monterey, Santa Barbara, and Tulare counties, making it a genuine California wine. Being a local girl, I like to see my state so well represented. I say that because Conundrum is DELISH. Plenty of the fruity berry and cherry notes you’d expect from the deep, opaque, aubergine color, but balanced with oak- which isn’t a note I usually pick up too readily.  I think there were hints of licorice, again, that helps balance the wine.  It’s super smooth and perfect with food. Great finish, the flavors really linger.  Accidentally, or through sheer luck, my husband picked a lovely wine for me- no input needed. (Or course, he also does well in Vegas- but that’s another blog for another day.) I look forward to drinking it again- preferably soon.

Conundrum can be purchased off the winery’s website, both the white and red version retail for $22.00.  A quick Google reveals that it is widely available online ranging in price from $19.95-$25.00. Those of you who are local, BevMo carries both for $17.99 if you use your BevMo card. With the holidays approaching, this is a great wine to bring to a special party or event. ENJOY!!!

Conundrum- California Red Blend

Conundrum- California Red Blend



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