I shudder just typing the phrase “fo’ shizzle,” but then I used to shudder whenever anyone used it. However, those old enough to remember can likely guess our next decade of songs to review and rank.

The 2000’s definitely held some bright points in music. Grunge took its place in musical history. At last, soaring guitars with clean solos could be heard throughout the land. And exhale, thank heavens. Also, it was a much better decade for women. Evanescence, Nightwish, White Strips, SilverSun Pick-ups all boast women in their ranks. So refreshing.

Once again, we’ll be listing the top ten most awesome heavy metal/hard rock songs in chronological order. This is NOT order of preference, just a way of organizing the piece. And, as it’s been a few weeks since I posted, please remember, my list-my-blog-my picks. You can create your own list. Trust me, there’s enough Internet to spare.

As per usual pop, hip-hop, rap… y’all just move along to the next site down. Nothing for you here.

The return of guitar.

The return of guitar.

1.) Brave New World by Iron Maiden- the title track from their May 2000 album. The intro is lyrically gorgeous, the chorus is driving, soaring, and great to run to. One of my favorite Maiden albums.

2.) In The End– The possibilities glimpsed in 1990 with Epic by Faith No More of a marriage between rap and metal were realized to their full fruition in October 2001 with the release of Linkin Park’s fourth single, In The End, off their album, Hybrid Theory.

3.) Bring Me to Life– the epic from Evanescence off their debut album, Fallen, released April 2003. My daughter, Anna, was born the same month and I used to catch the video on late night while nursing.

4.) Seven Nation Army- April 2003 was a very good month in music. The distinctive guitar line was the brain child of the White Stripes off their fourth album, Elephant.

5.) Nemo by Nightwish- This track off the June 2004 Once would make my Top Ten of all time. It is haunting. Tarja’s vocals are simply off the charts. My sympathies to Annette and Floor having to follow up that woman.

6.) The Haunting by Kamelot- God bless Kamelot. They’ve been around a long time, always just shy of the overwhelming mainstream success their passionate brand of music deserves. There were a ton of great songs to choose from, but in the end I chose this September 2005 gem off their The Black Halo album.

7.) Pretender by the Foo Fighters’ – One of the Foos’ most passionate offerings arrived via Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace in  August 2007.

8.) Panic Switch by the Silversun Pickups from their April 2009 release, Swoon. Another band with a female member, their bass player has changed through the years, but over the course of the band’s history is a woman.

9.) Bible Black– Many know Heaven and Hell as one of Black Sabbath’s greatest albums and the debut of Ronnie James Dio into the band. However, from 2006 until Dio’s tragic death in May of 2010 this line-up of Sabbath toured as Heaven and Hell. In March 2009 they premiered this song, Bible Song, from their album, The Devil You Know. Yep, Dio makes the list again. What can I say? I’m a fan.

10.) Uprising by Muse- This is an interesting song. It, like a couple others on the list, is really more of an alternative track, but it still rocks. Hence, its inclusion here. It’s from their September 2009 offering The Resistance.

Well, there you have it. My favorites for the 2000’s. Other lists need not apply.

Have a great week!


Erika Gardner

Erika Gardner

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