This week’s blog, like last Monday’s, is something of a bonus. You get a two-fer. Meaning, this is an introduction to a stellar book and a fabulous song to act as its soundtrack. Win-win.

The book is The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller by M. Pepper Langlinais. M is a member of my critique group, The Beer & Bacon Babes, so I am very familiar with Peter and can truly attest to how special it is. It has that fabulous spy cloak and dagger thing working with a sensitive love story. Peter is a story of loss and betrayal, discovery and friendships- old and new. It defies guessing which makes it a super fun read. Here’s a bit more about it:

In 1960’s London, British Intelligence agent Peter Stoller is next in line to run the Agency—until he falls in love with cab driver, Charles, and his life goes off the road. When Charles is accused of treason, Peter is guilty by association. Peter manages to extract them both, but the seeds of doubt have been planted, putting Peter’s mind and heart at war. Is ignorance truly bliss or merely deadly?


Peter is available for download via: Amazon (US and UK), Kobe, Smashwords, Apple, and Nook. Click here to purchase.

M chose this week’s Musical Monday tune. It’s a lovely song titled After the Fall by the group October Project. They remind me a bit of the prog rock band, Marillion. You can enjoy the song by clicking here.


Lyrics to After the Fall

In a city of faces
That never look back
Where doors never open
And eyes never meet
Someone behind me was tracing my steps
As I ran
Through the fog down a cobblestone street

In a city of crossroads
That never lead home
Where secrets unravel
And fates intertwine
Someone was calling my name in the night
As I ran
From a voice that was echoing mine

The farther you run
The more you recall
The loss of your innocence
After the fall

The farther you run
The more you recall
After the fall

In a city of magic
That spins out of time
Where God has no image
And Man finds no grace
Something inside me was seeking itself
As I ran
From a shadow who’d stolen my face

The farther you run…


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