This week’s song comes about from one inescapable fact- Life goes on. Music is a huge part of my life, as evidenced by this blog, the shows I go to, even many of the friendships I’ve formed and kept over the years. I have enjoyed some truly exceptional music over the years. Here’s the thing though… bands age, musicians die (as we saw this past week with the passing of Asia & King Crimson’s John Wetton at just 67), and before you know it your playlists are occupied by ghosts.

This doesn’t make their music any less amazing or cease to touch my heart. However, over time one misses the anticipation of a new album from a favorite band and the excitement of a live act, especially an act introducing and passionately performing fresh music, not simply trotting out their greatest hits list. Mind you, I love the hits, bring on those classics. Still, with 2016 being such a devastating year for musicians (we just lost so damn many good ones) my dear concert-going friend, Michelle, and I came to one inescapable conclusion… we needed fresh meat. Time to find some new bands to augment our musical, metal storm of joy.

Turns out, that’s not so easy. The 1970’s produced some amazing hard rock, the 1980’s were the glory days of metal, and the 1990’s saw plenty of innovation. Nowadays, sure metal is being made, but less so than some other genres.

God bless northern Europe!

Power metal is enormously popular there. Thanks to strong concert attendance, merchandise sales, musical downloads, and a thriving festival scene (I so want to attend Wacken) bands can survive, even thrive. Consequently a number of bands are carving out impressive careers. So much so that they can afford to travel the United States. *huge grin* Last year Mitch (yes, I call her Mitch) and I went to see Delain, Nightwish, Blind Guardian, and Sonata Artica. (Not all on the same bill.) These bands are actively composing and touring with passionate, complex, melodic music.

I’m sharing with you a favorite, I Have A Right by Sonata Artica out of Finland. Yep, Finland. Man, do I love northern Europe. Thanks, guys.

This song was written about child abuse (as the video shows), but considering the vaudevillian antics of American politics I believe it works well for the rights of the American electorate. And that’s all I’m saying about that right now.

 Please enjoy their video here.

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