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This week I am thrilled to be able to highlight a fellow Tirgearr author, Susan Clayton-Goldman. In September, Tirgearr and Susan released her latest novel, When Time is a River. You’ll want to add this thrilling story to your library!

WhenTimeIsARiverbySusanClaytonGoldner1800HR copy

Here’s a peek into this exciting new book!

On a bench at the edge of the Lithia Park playground, someone is stalking two-year- old Emily Michaelson as she plays with her eighteen-year old half-sister, Brandy. The child’s laughter curves through the sunlight, as if on wings. The stalker is more enamored than ever, but aware of Brandy’s vigilance with Emily, knows a kidnapping won’t be easy. Planning to gain Emily’s trust, the stalker gives her a necklace—little girls love pretty things. A few days later, Brandy and Emily arrive at the park for the Children’s Health Fair. When the stalker sees them enter the public restroom, the opportunity is seized.

Not long after Emily’s disappearance, Detective Radhauser finds her rainbow- colored sneakers in Ashland Creek, their laces tied together in double knots. Brandy’s father and stepmother blame Brandy for Emily’s disappearance. Radhauser feels sorry for her, but insists she stay out of the investigation. Brandy can’t do that. She is obsessed with finding out who took her little sister, and why. Will Emily be found in time?

The reviews so far have been outstanding. You can see the Amazon reviews by clicking here. To purchase book on any of your e-devices check these sites out:



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Susan Clayton-Goldner

Susan Clayton-Goldner is a graduate of the University of Arizona’s Creative Writing Program and has been writing most of her life. Her novels have been finalists for The Hemingway Award, the Heeken Foundation Fellowship, the Writers Foundation and the Publishing On-line Contest. Susan won the National Writers’ Association Novel Award twice for unpublished novels and her poetry was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. A collection of her poems, A Question of Mortality was released in 2015. Her novel, A Bend In The Willow, released by Tirgearr Publishing in January, 2017k has nearly 100 reviews on Amazon, averaging 4.6 stars. Her second novel, Redemption Lake, was released in May, 2017 and is averaging 4.9 stars on Amazon.  Her newest release, When Time Is A River is available for preorder at half price and releases on September 6, 2017.

When she isn’t writing, Susan spends her time making stained-glass windows and quilts. She says those two activities are similar to writing—telling stories through glass and fabric.


This post was written by Erika Gardner. She’s a native Californian, lifelong lover of fantastical adventures, and a dedicated Whovian. If you enjoyed it, please sign up to receive updates on   Or you can follow Erika on Twitter @Erika_Gardner, “Like” her Facebook page Erika Gardner- Writer and Storyteller.Or check out her contributions to the BBB Blog. Erika’s debut novel, The Dragon in The Garden can be found at Tirgearr Publishing.


In July I attended my high school reunion. I had a great time and enjoyed reconnecting with friends. Some of them I see often even now and some I had not seen since high school. We danced, drank, ate, stayed up way too late, and basically behaved like the kids we still are somewhere in our own minds. A good time all the way around and I’ll go to the next one as well- gladly.

A couple of days later Facebook flooded the cyber-verse with lots of happy, smiling pictures of the event. Nice shots, good memories. Then the comments caught my eye. More than one person wrote something to the effect of, “Ahhh, look at you! So great to be able to celebrate the best days of your life.”

The best days of my life?

The best days of my life weren’t in high school, or even in college. And they aren’t past. I didn’t peak at seventeen. Sure, I had some amazing times. Beautiful pain, fierce joy, abdomen aching laughter, life-shaping lessons, all those formative, profoundly necessary moments. I’ll carry these precious memories with me for the rest of my life, diamonds that shimmer so long as I do. They stand alongside other amazing times: when I fell in love, carried, bore, and raised my children, the stories I’ve brought into the world, and the friends who have carried me through days that encompass the glorious and the downcast.

Even as I gaze fondly at the past, I appreciate my present and I welcome the future. All the things I have yet to learn, embraces to give, and songs I haven’t heard yet. They’re all waiting for me, like books on a library shelf.

This song encapsulates something of what I’m trying to say. It was recommended by an old friend of mine when he found out I was attending the reunion. The group is new to me (the song is from 2015, so not too ancient). New voices for me, but the lyrics bring up memories from my past. The best of both worlds. Past and future… never forgetting, but still eager for the new moments.

My friend Kimberly gave me a magnet I keep on my frig where I see it every day. It reads, “Isn’t wonderful to know that some of the best days of your life haven’t happened yet?”

Yes, yes it is. Here’s to the future… and the past.


This post was written by Erika Gardner. She’s a native Californian, lifelong lover of fantastical adventures, and a dedicated Whovian. If you enjoyed it, please sign up to receive updates on   Or you can follow Erika on Twitter @Erika_Gardner, “Like” her Facebook page Erika Gardner- Writer and Storyteller.Or check out her contributions to the BBB Blog. Erika’s debut novel, The Dragon in The Garden can be found at Tirgearr Publishing.

And now for something completely different… ish. I’m a fantasy writer and so I’m a sucker for maps. All the best epic fantasies have them. I’m published in a genre that pulls from this world with fantastical elements and doers of great deeds, sooooooo… no maps. I mean, California? Google it.

That’s why when one of my fellow authors at our publishing house, Tirgearr, put out a very engaging and spot on blog regarding maps in fantasy novels- I just had to share. I hope you’ll all enjoy her point of view and maybe even check out her stunning novel, The War Queen. Thanks again for appearing on my blog, J.M.!!!

Here’s her two cents… ENJOY!

Why E-book Fantasy Writers Should Include Maps


I’m an avid reader of fantasy books. I’m also an avid writer of fantasy books. And, what the heck, I’m also an avid enthusiast about maps in fantasy books. I own a lot of the Dragonlance books. I even have a map of Skyrim hanging in my hallway and a map of Maui right above my computer.


The answer is very obvious. You want a map to, literally provide direction for your readers who have taken a chance on you and picked up your book to read it. You don’t need a map of America if you write contemporary, because, thank goodness to our schools, we were taught where California and New York is. And, if for some weird reason you’ve never opened a book, turned on the TV, or stepped outside in your life, you can GOOGLE those locations. I know. I’ve done it. You get hundreds of different maps for America.

Let’s say I wrote a book and titled it The War Queen. It’s a fantasy book set in my own made-up world called Endendre. Now Altarn is the Lady of Blindvar, who faces opposition from Kaelin who is the Lord of Ruidenthall. Separating these two states is Luthsinia. Altarn travels out of Niesh toward Athenya, stopping along the way at Yott and Gaynord where she eventually ends up on Greatmare.

Are you wishing you had a map of Endendre yet? Did you just try googling it? Didn’t find it? Here it is.



Pretty fancy. Where did I get this map? I drew it. And because my sister is a professional artist on her way to stardom, I gave the outline to her and she dressed it up to be what you see here.


That’s fine. Here’s another map I drew by hand for another yet-to-be-published fantasy book of mine:


Of course when this book is published, I’ll throw it at my sister to dress it up professional like. Oh. Right. You don’t have my sister. But, you DO have programs online, you have illustrators all over the internet who would love love love your business (but JM! That will cost money!) So stop buying coffee at Starbucks every morning, eat beef ramen for dinner instead of sushi, bike to work instead of drive.

The point is, life costs money. Manage your money into the areas you feel are most important. Paying someone to illustrate your map can be cheap. You might find a good freelancer on to do it for you. Or, again, you can throw it into a program – even word paint – and do it yourself.

Let’s get back to why you should have a map included in your book. It’s for direction. Can you imagine reading Lord of the Rings without having the guidance of a map? Or any of the Dragonlance Chronicles? How about The Wheel of Time?

Reading should be an enjoyment for your readers. Help them read easy by giving them a visual to follow along.


Maps are fun to make. Creating a map brings your story to life and you start to believe you have created a real place that exists somewhere. It’s PART of your story, and you can do SO much more with your map aside from having it in your book. What do I mean by that? You can use it as a background on your book’s webpage. It might even look as awesome as this:

Or go one step further and create yourself a store on and turn your map into a poster to hang in your hallway next to Skyrim:


A mouse pad:



A bumper sticker:


(see these items in my store)

And then you can use this map as a fun free giveaway for your book. Basically, you’re not creating a map. You’re creating a massive promotion for your book that will hook readers to want to come back for more.

I’d LOVE to see your maps. I invite you to post a picture of it directly onto my Facebook author page.

Now, aren’t you glad you stopped by and learned about maps? Now you have a great book to pick up, War Queen, AND a new marketing tool! You’re welcome.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

About JM…

Born in small town Bennington, Idaho, J.M. wanted to be just like her big, story writer sister. Big sister paints now, but that initial role model was all the springboard J.M. needed to fearlessly leap into writing the novels of her heart. Getting around the world as a soldier has helped broaden J.M.’s views on cultures and personalities, and settling down as a Deputy Sheriff in Nevada for a time has helped her maintain all the fine intricacies humans are capable of which has helped define her characters into something realistic and believable. Without any prior claims to fame, J.M. is proud to showcase that hard work, even from rock bottom, DOES pay off.


Please do check out The War Queen- JM is with my press, Tirgearr Publishing, so you KNOW she rocks. Here’s a bit about the book:

Altarn is the first woman to hold the position of State Head in Blindvar. When Lord Kaelin, State Head of Ruidenthall, propositions her to merger with their states, Altarn believes it’s his subtle way of taking her kingdom for his own, making himself king. On the cusp of war, she rides in disguise to her last ally, Luthsinia, to ask for help.

During her journey, Altarn is ambushed but rescued by a man called Torren who offers her protection. Quickly they realize they share a mutual attraction. Upon their arrival to Luthsinia, Altarn receives news that an army has invaded Blindvar in her absence and blames Kaelin. Except it’s not Kaelin’s army, because she discovers Kaelin is in Luthsinia for the purpose of spying on her to take her land. And Torren is not who she thought he was.

Taking advantage of the unraveling situation, Kaelin kidnaps Altarn so he can take her land without her in the way and brings her to Ruidenthall. There’s a war ship on the horizon, led by a fallen angel craving mortal worship. Kaelin realizes he needs Altarn’s help to fight this army if he’s to save his kingdom. She’s forced to agree, but how will she react when he’s wounded in battle? If she lets him die, can she fight the enemy on her own? Or if she saves his life, will he still try claiming her kingdom, or try claiming her heart?



This post was written by Erika Gardner. She’s a native Californian, lifelong lover of fantastical adventures, and a dedicated Whovian. If you enjoyed it, please sign up to receive updates on   Or you can follow Erika on Twitter @Erika_Gardner, “Like” her Facebook page Erika Gardner- Writer and Storyteller.Or check out her contributions to the BBB Blog. Erika’s debut novel, The Dragon in The Garden can be found at Tirgearr Publishing.



Today is the best of times and the worst of times for writers. Yes, the publishing industry faces intense pressure. Yes, fewer people are buying books. BUT…. people ARE actually reading more than ever, just in different formats. That presents we authors with a whole new array of choices, small press, self-pub, traditional, blogging, hybrid publishing, you name it- new roads to traverse should we choose.

So hats off to the fabulous author, Yvonne Carder! She employed a different strategy by turning to a Kickstarter Campaign, a very successful Kickstarter Campaign, to finance the publication of her first novel, Luminata.

Yvonne is also the author of the short story “Star Flame.” A fantasy writer on the rise!


Thanks so much to the lovely Ms. Carder for stopping by my blog to chat- be sure to check her out. She’s a delight and talented force to be reckoned with. Here’s our interview:

  • Let’s start at the beginning… Are you a hugger? Kiss both cheeks? A hearty handshake or maybe a distant nod across the room?
    1. How do I greet people? It depends on the situation. If it’s social, I usually start with a handshake and sometimes get pulled into the girl hug. If I’m in a more professional setting, I usually start with eye contact, smile, and then the handshake (but I try to not have the handshake be too whimpy). I’m actually an introvert by nature, so I have to push myself out of my comfort zone to make sure I don’t miss out on connections with the cool people I run acrosss.
  • When and how did you know you were a writer? Did any books help you along the way?
    1. I remember my first short story was in elementary school and I won an award for it. I was so proud of those 4 or 5 pages. They were really simple and on those pages with the giant spaces with the dotted lines in the middle, but I wrote a story and shared it with the world.
    2. Then in high school I wrote poetry to get through the entire emotional whirlwind that tries to destroy us. But I was lucky, I let my thoughts flow on the page and I found myself. Of course, the teenage angst poured out onto the page too, and far less damage was inflicted on the world. =)
    3. I found fantasy fiction in high school and that is when my love for creating different views of the world we live in took off. Anne Rice was the first author that I devoured and she remains the matron of my author influences.
    4. I’ve since read books to help with my author journey and the ones that have been the greatest influences are Stephen King’s “On Writing”, Christopher Vogler’s “The Writer’s Journey; Mythic Structure for Writers”, and James V. Smith, Jr’s “You Can Write a Novel”. King’s book is about an authors journey and helped me realize that we are all human and can share our thoughts and dreams with other people. Vogler’s book helped with understanding why some books resonate with me while learning about story arch, and understanding the archetypes for characters. And Smith’s book was the best at breaking down for me how to keep myself organized, how to structure writing and the story. Before I read that book I felt overwhelmed and unsure how to even start, it was the tool I really needed to get started. Apparently I’m a Plotter and not a Pantster.
  • Is there another genre that you enjoy- just as a pure fan? What is it?
    1. My reading guilty pleasure is urban fantasy books, both young adult and adult. I love the idea of magic in the world all around us that not everyone knows about. It gives me hope for the world I live in.
  • Can you share one resource: website, marketing strategy, social media medium that you feel has most helped you and could help other writers on their way?
    1. Hands down the most influential person that I found on this journey is  JoannaPenn, from The Creative Penn. She is a genius and has the most generous spirit. She is an Author Entrepreneur and has been in the Indie Publishing scene since around 2008. She shares everything she learns very openly and wants to empower as many people as she can in the industry. She has a website with amazing resources and has the best podcast out there for authors. Check her out at
  • What do you wish your readers could know about you?
    1. Vacations as a kid included visiting my grandparents in the Eifel in Germany and exploring all around the small town they live in. I fell in love with castles, both the ones meticulously maintained to explore, and the beautiful ruins that echoed those long ago lives lost to time. My spirit would soar in the wild forests where your imagination runs free picturing magical creatures hiding just out of sight. The Eifel is a huge inspiration for my novel Luminata. I can see Jessica in the forests that I’ve walked through and see the beams of filtered light strike her hair and make the forest floor look like autumn colored gemstones were thrown everywhere. Oh, have I mentioned? I definitely have an active imagination.
  • We’re just beginning the summer season- if you could give EVERYONE a gift, vacation, mojito, whatever… and expense or transportation was no object- what would you give them?
    1. I would give everyone a month vacation to explore the Eifel and check out the castles, like my favorite Burg Eltz, the forests where we could go mushroom hunting, and have lunch in an ancient Roman tavern that just so happens to be under a department store!
  • Denim versus leather- compare and contrast. It’s an argument that may never be settled. What’s your preference and why?
    1. Hands down: Leather. It’s way more versatile and feels great when you put it on. The biggest turn off? It’s from animals, so that could sway me to denim, but it doesn’t.
  • If you had to choose… Vegas or New York… where would you go? Why does your choice speak to you?
    1. 100% New York! I would love to see all the architecture and history, but the biggest reason: Broadway! I’m a sucker for Broadway musicals. I have an annual membership to SHN in San Francisco so that I can be dazzled by those fantastical creations. I’m constantly blown away by what artists can create on a small stage. It’s right up there with reading for me.
  • What is your favorite reward after a long day of writing—that little treat you give yourself?
    1. My favorite reward is reading some good book candy. You know: those stories that you don’t have to think too hard about, but you’re immersed in the world and you forget your cares. It lets my brain relax and just let loose.
  • And lastly, how do you say good-bye?
    1. How well do we know each other by now? Cuz if you know this much about me know I’d probably just say: Peace out home skillet!



‘Star Flame: A Story from the Meclauks Kingdom’: FREE copy through BookFunnel
Where to find Yvonne:

Facebook: YvonneCarder

Twitter:  YvonneCarder

Patreon: YvonneCarder


Instagram: YvonneCarderAuthor
Pinterest: YvonneCarder

LinkedIn: YvonneCarderAuthor


Yvonne Carder Author

Author Bio:

Yvonne Carder is a Young Adult Fantasy Author that has written a short story called ‘Star Flame: A Story from the Meclauks Kingdom’, and she is currently editing her first in a series novel ‘Luminata: A Meclauks Kingdom Novel’. With the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Luminata is planned for release in August of 2017.Yvonne Carder lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband Kevin, and her three cats, Princess Pumpkin Doodle, Nichademus, and Barracuda Bob. Yvonne has a love for animals that she strives to show in her work. 
She has lived in California since 1982 when she and her parents emigrated from Germany. Most of her family is still in Germany with the exception of some of her Dad’s family in the Midwest. Her roots in Germany are something that she is very proud of and it influences her writing. Yvonne has been involved in the arts since a young child when she joined the school bands, choir, poetry club, and the art club at her high school. She has had poems published including ‘tHE wORLD uP-sIDE dOWN’ in Behind the Eye Las Positas College Anthology Number 16, ‘The Black Trail’ in Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans 1995 edition, and ‘Wilderness Pond’ in The Garden of Life by the National Library of Poetry. Yvonne also won a scholarship for her fine art paintings. When she’s not creating visual arts you can find her singing loudly in her car, or with a local choir and performing at their concerts.

Yvonne is a proud member of the California Writer’s Club: Tri-Valley Branch, and the Alliance of Independent Authors.




This post was written by Erika Gardner. She’s a native Californian, lifelong lover of fantastical adventures, and a dedicated Whovian. If you enjoyed it, please sign up to receive updates on   Or you can follow Erika on Twitter @Erika_Gardner, “Like” her Facebook page Erika Gardner- Writer and Storyteller.Or check out her contributions to the BBB Blog. Erika’s debut novel, The Dragon in The Garden can be found at Tirgearr Publishing.


Today as a part of the fabulous service, Enchanted Book Tours, we get to hear from science fiction author Gary Tinnams, the author of Redfern. Thanks so much for doing this interview, Gary!!!

About the book:

Title: Redfern

Author: Gary Tinnams

Genre: Science Fiction

“Humans don’t project past their own frequency. It’s why you’re so isolated as a species. The beings of other frequencies can only witness what you build and feel what you destroy.”

Earth – Tomorrow – The Singularity:-

The machines have taken over and mankind is cast out.

Millennia later, the inhospitable planet of Redfern is in the process of being made habitable for the proposed rebirth of the entire human race. All is proceeding as planned until Enforcer, Ted Holloway, witnesses the unexpected appearance of a long dead and former friend – A man who can become invisible and immaterial, a man that can penetrate any and all security.

A man whose very existence should be impossible.

As Ted and his superior, Lisa Carmichael, investigate further, they face dangers and creatures that challenge their very concept of reality and also encounter the colony’s caretaker Machine Mind and the human Security Commissioner, both of whom have opposing and intricate agendas of their own.

For the true nature of Redfern is stranger and more deadly than anything Holloway or Carmichael can possibly imagine.

And it could change or destroy humanity forever…

Redfern Front Cover


Redfern Interview

  • Let’s start at the beginning… how do you like to greet people? Are you a casual nod person, a hugger, or somewhere in between?


More a nod and smile, sometimes a handshake or kiss on the cheek, rarely a hug unless it’s my mum, nan, wife or children.

  • What influences in your past (books, TV shows, music) helped shaped the planet of Redfern in your mind?


In previous novels I’ve gone for arid planet, then tropical island planet, and in Redfern, inhospitable, poisonous and storm ravaged planet with the human dome keeping that all out.  I suppose there’s a bit of the 1984 ‘Dune’ movie in there, just something we’re existing on the periphery of, in danger of being overwhelmed, but all the time trying to change it ourselves, trying to master it, hence the terraforming theme in the book. The Dome itself is another planet within a planet, sparkling buildings, parks, and no cars or engines, just people walking, running or on bicycles. If you’ve ever been to Venice, you can get a sense of that, the background noise of cars seems to be present everywhere, take it away and there’s something else. I also listened to a lot Arcade Fire when writing the book, which lends it a little of that tragic ‘who are we?’ aspect.

  • Who’s your favorite character in the book? Why?

Well, it has to be Jason Webster, simply because of the character progression. He goes from professional soldier to jilted lover to quiet killer to responsible leader and then desperate savior. That is over a few thousand years admittedly and it’s just fascinating how he deals with these situations.


  • What is next on your writer’s journey? What goal do you have in your sights next?

More writing, another book, maybe short stories, but always more, and always writing what I like and want to write.


  • Have you had any cool fan interactions? Have any of your readers’ responses particularly touched you?

I’ve had some nice and thoughtful reviews that did wonders for my ego and some awful reviews that made me think I obviously can’t write at all. None of them have touched me in a profound way, but maybe that’s still to come.


  • Can you share three new, relatively unknown books? We all love recommendations so choose three awesome titles to champion. (No fair picking your own!)


Well, they’re not in any bestseller lists, so I would go with: ‘Quantum Night’ by Robert J. Sawyer, an interesting take on universal human psychology. ‘Starship Seasons’ by Eric Brown, a series of novelettes about a man encountering aliens and finding peace and friendship. Finally a bit older, but I’ll sneak it in, ‘Blind Lake’, by Robert Charles Wilson, a people story, action story and has a lot of good stuff on quantum computers and alien first contact,

  • Can you share one resource: website, marketing strategy, social media medium that you feel has most helped you and could help other writers on their way?


Word 2007, because I use it to write. I have read countless guides about what you should and shouldn’t do, they’re all wrong and right and ultimately just noise. So just read a lot of books, which means love reading, and then try writing and if you love writing, keep doing it.

  • What do you wish your readers could know about you?

As little as possible simply because when I was at school, we were always encouraged to relate back a novel to the author as if they were somehow interchangeable. He\she wrote this because their father walked out when they were an early age, etc. I just want readers to read a book and enjoy it and read into it what they want without having something to connect it to outside of themselves.


  • Now that the book is being set loose on the unsuspecting world, do you have anything you would change? What are you most proud of about your story?

I don’t think I could change anything in that it is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle and if you try and move around the pieces it won’t fit together anymore. I’m most proud of avoiding following a formula as much as I possibly could, that means the ending can’t be predicted by chapter three. I think there’s enough twists and turns to keep people thinking and enough interesting characters to get people involved.


  • What benchmarks have you set for yourself in measuring your success? In other words, when do you think you will have “made it?” And why?


Financially, if you can sell enough books to pay the mortgage then that probably means I’ve made it, buying a happy meal once a month doesn’t count. Artistically I feel I’m getting better with each book, and I want to keep getting better. I don’t think I’ll ever make it on that score, because I’ll probably never satisfy that evil critic, myself.

  • If you had to choose… salty or sweet treats… what would you choose and why does your choice speak to you?


Chocolate, lots of chocolate, it just makes me feel better.


  • And lastly… what is your favorite reward after a long day of writing—that little treat you give yourself?

A pint of cold Guinness.

How to Buy This Book and Follow Gary Tinnams




Author Page:



Author Page:






Author Bio:

I have been reading and watching science fiction since I was old enough to watch Peter Davison walking around an unrealistic jungle set in Doctor Who. The first set of sci-fi books I ever read was The Tripods trilogy by John Christopher without ever having watched the resultant TV series. The Tripods were scary.

Over the years I’ve come to love a variety of science fiction and fantasy books from many different eras and so came to the conclusion that I wanted to create my own adventures, set in my own worlds, with characters that acted and felt like real people. My third novel ‘Redfern’ is an adventure story which poses question about alien first contact, artificial intelligence, the singularity and the continued survival of our species at any cost.

“If you love your science fiction on the cinematic side but also want big ideas, intelligently explored, look no further.”


This post was written by Erika Gardner. She’s a native Californian, lifelong lover of fantastical adventures, and a dedicated Whovian. If you enjoyed it, please sign up to receive updates on   Or you can follow Erika on Twitter @Erika_Gardner, “Like” her Facebook page Erika Gardner- Writer and Storyteller.Or check out her contributions to the BBB Blog. Erika’s debut novel, The Dragon in The Garden can be found at Tirgearr Publishing.



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